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Canada Day in Pierrefonds Roxboro by NOMAD Industries

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Kim Churchill - Window to the Sky | music video by NOMADS

BOUVETØYA - The Last Place on Earth | intro to 46min doc

The NOMADS of OZ | Teaser

Beck, Song Reader | M@NOMAD

NOMAD Sessions | Kim Churchill 25/6/13

NOMAD Sessions | Patrick Watson 6/6/13

The NOMADS of OZ - feature film

Tourisme Quebec - The Wheel

99¢ Dreams - Experimental film by Jason Rodi

The Eye of the Son - Documentary by Jason Rodi

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Salomé Leclerc - Spectacle-lancement de l'album 27 fois l'aurore
Salomé Leclerc – Spectacle-lancement de l’album 27 fois l’aurore

Trois ans après le salué Sous les arbres, Salomé Leclerc présentera son deuxième disque 27 fois l’aurore le 23 septembre [...]

Édition florale - une collaboration de Collectif Blanc et Gaspard & Roy
Édition florale – une collaboration de Collectif Blanc et Gaspard & Roy

Fête, exposition et marché pop-up de fleurs, publications et affiches – oeuvres expérimentales inédites.
Des fleurs, à la botanique et à [...]

HORS ZONE / Exposition Complot 11
HORS ZONE / Exposition Complot 11

► HORS ZONE / Exposition Complot 11
• 2 au 11 octobre 2014 – Espace Nomad, 129, avenue Van Horne
L’équipe de [...]

Hushlamb's Motif Local
Hushlamb’s Motif Local

[French to follow}
With the cool weather approaching, Hushlamb is feeling the urge to put together a late night down right [...]

The Weekend To End Women's Cancer 2014 | 10th anniversary
The Weekend To End Women’s Cancer 2014 | 10th anniversary

From the NOMADlive.tv webcast:

NOMAD was live from the 10th edition of The Weekend To End Women’s Cancer sponsored by Pharmaprix.
A [...]

MTL launch at Le National Made Them Lions
MTL launch at Le National Made Them Lions

Live on the www.NOMADlive.tv webcast, The NOMADS followed the new it thing on the Montreal pop music scene, the aptly [...]

Fetish Weekend on NOMADlive.tv
Fetish Weekend on NOMADlive.tv

Follow Fetish Weekend on NOMADlive.tv.

Rise Kombucha
Rise Kombucha

This Saturday night, Rise Kombucha is celebrating their birthday at NOMAD Nation. Visuals by the fantorgasmic Johnny Ranger.

POP Montreal 2014
POP Montreal 2014

NOMADlive.tv is wrapping it’s pilot season this weekend, but with every ending is a new beginning and sure enough we [...]